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Where can I watch MELT on Demand



  • Joy Twupack

    I would like to use the melt app but unable to log in to app

  • Cathy Ishikawa

    I finally got a reply to my request and they are working on transferring access for people with existing MOD subscriptions. I think the plan is to give us 30 days free to compensate for the downtime (not entirely sure I understood that correctly, but it would be a sensible response). I wonder if the app will show up once you have a subscription on record (if you go to MELT and look at "subscriptions," I am guessing it will show up as "no subscriptions" like mine).

  • Maureen Wood

    Also having trouble logging on via *any* method even after re-registering with the link I received by automated customer-service.  Cathy Ishikawa thank you for your post- hopefully we'll each receive assistance and a 1 month free (or credit for one month) subscription would be reasonable and appreciated.  

  • Dawn D'Arcangelo

    Is anyone also having to enter their MOD password in the app EVERY TIME they want to access the app or is it something I’m doing? Why won’t it remember me?


    Update: 3/30/2023 about a year ago I was told the Roku app would be up in about a month. Well, not so much. I know this seems trivial to most, but for those of us who have vision issues, small homes(cannot dedicate one entire room to MELT), no professional studio, and pets(not so great around HDMI cables..) and were really loving being able to turn on the tv, go to the MOD app and follow along easily, this lack of getting a Roku app up and running has been incredibly frustrating. I've asked numerous times and either get it'll be up soon or ignored. I love MELT and look forward to when I can do more with MOD but at this point, it doesn't even pay to login. I definitely can't see it on my phone and my laptop is almost as tiny.  Help those of us who need MELT!

  • Cathy Ishikawa

    Yes...sort of. Sometimes I get on without signing in, but then I will have to log in again in the middle of the video (losing the place where I was). So now I log out and back in again if I happen to get on without logging in.

    The part that especially annoys me is that you have to enter your e-mail twice and then your password. Why doesn't it go straight to the part with the password?


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